Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Is Wrong With Most Chiropractic Websites

The problem with most chiropractor websites is the same thing that is wrong with so many other websites. They are wonderful and beautiful, but that is as far as it goes. They are just nice looking brochures. And what do you do with the many brochures that you get? Right, they get discarded or you pay no attention to them.

In today's dynamic marketplace, your website has to do much more. You have to make things more interactive and your website has to be tied in with all of the other digital methods that have become available just recently.

The best suggestion is to regroup and hire a successful chiropractor SEO company to redo your marketing strategy so it encompasses all that is going on in the marketplace today.

Your website must be optimized to the hilt for the local market, so that it is reaching people in an engaging way, so they see your message and it resonates. You must have real testimonies of what chiropractic has done for people in your area. People will agree to that if they have truly been helped by your services.

One item that many people are not aware of is that over 60 percent of online searches are now being conducted by people using their mobile devices, such as their smart phones. If your message is not optimized for mobile phones, you are missing those people and it is becoming huge.

Social media is the other sleeping giant. We all pretty much know about Facebook, and its 1 billion people reach, but not so much about Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and others that have large followings of people too.

Google places, Manta, and Yahoo Places are definite 'have too's' where you will want your name, because they will come up first before any of the organic search engine searches.

So, the plan of action should be to drop everything that you are doing in the form of marketing and search for the most successful Internet media marketing company in your area and talk to them. You want someone who will build this platform for you, and maintain it.

Of course, your traditional ads in the local paper are important too, but you can make your digital outreach very interactive with prizes, feedback, dinner seminars, and ways to keep the 'magic' going on an ongoing basis.